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Merge here. (Edgemere legend)

New week. New regrets. Yet we’ll never regret here. Here where the Edsels never swerved, where the wrens rested perched between pretend ledges. We meet the edge. We enter the mere. Where we were we kept Excel sheets, yet here we’re spent ledgers. Meek yet relentless, we seek the center, the nerve. Where’s the Edgemere Best Western? (We never reserved.) We’re severed. We feel the ether’s tether. Where’s the DMV? The Tercels never get here, they reverse. Free the terse cell. Let the henchmen yell; they’ll never enter Bethlehem. We’re here. Hell, we’re blessed! We’ll never need the lectern. We’ll remember the verses, the legend’s text never excerpted. Yes, we were deeded the ether.

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